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Zenit: Church of Rome is Linked to Books, Says Pope

Affirms That Library Is Place to Seek Supreme Truth Benedict XVI is emphasizing the importance of books in the history of the Church of Rome, and that the library is a place for all who seek truth. The Pope affirmed … Continue reading

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Ulysses Talks with Freud about the Underworld

Since we’re on The Odyssey, here’s a poem from Barbara Hamby’s collection, All Night Lingo Tango: Underarm is more like it. In The Odyssey, Book V, when Athena wheedles Zeus into sending Hermes to coax yummy Calypso into letting me … Continue reading

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Locker Room Talkin’ With the Gods

Reading Homer the other day I thought of this from Kate Beaton: I suppose ancient Greece is as good a place as any to find bawdy humor. Here’s the whole story of Mars and Venus from The Odyssey, Book VIII, … Continue reading

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Reading The Iliad

Say what you will about the Greeks, they knew a thing or two about talking trash: Ulysses knew that his hour was not yet come, but he gave ground and said to Socus, “Wretch, you shall now surely die. You … Continue reading

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