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Best Inscription to Date

I was complaining to Brian about the lackluster inscriptions authors put in their books. If I ever write something and someone wants it signed, I said, I hope I come up with something better than “Best Wishes.” He reached for … Continue reading

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“Britain Faces Closing the Book on Libraries”

Here’s a bittersweet story from NPR the other day–appropriately, it came on as I was pulling out of the library parking lot. Bitter, of course, in the closing of public libraries; the sweetness: the strong attachment of communities to their … Continue reading

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Spotted Reading, and What HuffPo Thinks are “Classics”

I don’t follow many blogs, chiefly because I forget they exist. But I used to read from time to time the now-defunct “Bookish NYC.” My favorite bit was her “Seen on the Subway” wherein she’d match people’s descriptions and their … Continue reading

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Here, Bullet, by Brian Turner

Here, Bullet, by Brian Turner Alice James Books, 2005. 80 pages. As that of a soldier in Iraq, much of Turner’s poetry carries a surrealism, perhaps best captured in his own words: Allah must wander in the crowd as I … Continue reading

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The Gun, by C. J. Chivers

The Gun, by C. J. Chivers Simon & Schuster, 2010. 496 pages. If you’ve any doubt a biography of a firearm is worthwhile, Chivers will shortly banish it. The Gun tells the story of the rise of the AK-47* and … Continue reading

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