Spotted Reading, and What HuffPo Thinks are “Classics”

I don’t follow many blogs, chiefly because I forget they exist. But I used to read from time to time the now-defunct “Bookish NYC.” My favorite bit was her “Seen on the Subway” wherein she’d match people’s descriptions and their choice of reading. People are pretty interesting-looking as a general rule, and I love books, so clearly it was written for me. I thought about this because of a headline I saw on the Huffington Post this morning:

“Spotted Reading in Public: The Classics We Saw You Reading”

Their list is, to say the least, disappointing. J. D. Salinger and Jane Austen, sure. But Stieg Larsson? Rex Pickett? And even though I love his work, Malcolm Gladwell? I humbly propose a new headline:

“That Sure Is a Book: Books You May Have Been Holding that We Recognized”

Better? Better.

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