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Water Pressure of sun on the rockslide Whirled me in a dizzy hop-and-step descent, Pool of pebbles buzzed in a Juniper shadow, Tiny tongue of this-year rattlesnake flicked, I leaped, laughing for boulder-color coil– Pounded by heat raced down the … Continue reading

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Pride of Baghdad, by Brian K. Vaughan and Niko Henrichon

Pride of Baghdad, by Brian K. Vaughan (writer) and Niko Henrichon (artist) Vertigo, 2006. 136 pages. In 2003, Pride of Baghdad explains, the Baghdad zoo suffered damage under U.S. bombing of the city, setting loose a number of animals, including a … Continue reading

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Microsoft Word Now Includes Squiggly Blue Line To Alert Writer When Word Is Too Advanced For Mainstream Audience

(via The Onion)

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Thinking About Prose Poetry

As someone who has read some literature but has never studied it formally, I’m not clear on what makes prose poetry poetry. Is the defining factor authorial intent? I thought of this a couple of weeks ago or so when … Continue reading

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Survey Says: 100 Books You Must Read

From The Guardian: Do Top 100 Books polls and charts agree on a set of classics?  I scraped the results of over 15 notable book polls, readers surveys and top 100’s. Both popular and high-brow. They included all Pulitzer Prize … Continue reading

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A Common Experience

I woke before my wife or daughter yesterday, so while I sat on the couch enjoying a cup of tea I had opportunity to reflect on the many books on my shelves, and my enduring albeit unlikely determination to read … Continue reading

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Book to Film: Jane Eyre (2011)

(This is what happens when I start a post then lose internet for a week. Old news, etc. On the other hand, old books are never old news.) After my daughter was born and my wife went back to work … Continue reading

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Operation Make Me This: Journal with a Ceramic Cover

As a child I often made weak attempts at and imitations of being crafty. No worthwhile projects came of it, and I didn’t pursue anything along that line. But I still find myself wishing I was crafty. Especially when I … Continue reading

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Books Books Books books books books booksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooks (&cetera [in a shop!])

I was down at Goodyear getting an oil change today* and, while I waited, walked over to a local bookshop which is (bonus!) a pretty good bookshop! (Hi, Morris!) This makes visit #3 for me to this particular shop, and … Continue reading

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