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Natalie Portman’s Dad is Kind Of Weirding Me Out

Natalie Portman’s father, Dr. Avner Hershlag, is looking for a publisher for his new “fertility-thriller” entitled Misconception (get it?!). First things first: That should definitely not be a genre under which people can publish. Because it is not a genre. … Continue reading

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I hate it when they don’t have what I want

Don’t you hate when you go to a bookstore and…? (source: F Minus)

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My Wife, the Literary Critic

Our daughter was playing with a new acquisition, Robert Kroetsch’s The Hornbooks of Rita K. After Rita Kleinhart went missing in 1992 Kroetsch, her friend and lover, was put in charge of her literary estate. Andi took the book from … Continue reading

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Tension, and How Not to Write It

When I was reading Pride of Baghdad, with its boxes so clumsily jam-packed with action and revelation and explosions and snarls that you read with almost bated breath, not because the authors have made something truly evocative, but rather something … Continue reading

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Evidence of a Bookish Baby

As a parent I take seriously my responsibility to raise an intelligent, well-rounded daughter. From the beginning I embraced the strategy of reading to her: Well, she seemed to take to books: And her appetite is only growing*: *In that … Continue reading

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