Cool Search History, Me

So, this blog doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic, probably due to the fact that I don’t post much and that the posts I do manage to write aren’t very interesting. But I welcome all readers.

Except the reader who stumbled upon my blog through the search term “”. Gross, dude. Go away.

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One Response to Cool Search History, Me

  1. Curtis Rogers says:

    When Danielle and I lived in Haiti we had a blog that updated folks on what we were doing. I became interested when we started receiving a ton of hits based off the search term “danielle rogers” which is my wife’s name. I googled it to find that Danielle Rogers is a famous porn star and over the years we received a lot of hits through searches such as “Danielle Rogers exotic pics” and others. I cannot imagine the disappointment when people got to our blog. Love your blog.

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