When You Don’t Just Want to Dissect a Gorilla*

As much as I hate its use in pernicious propaganda, I love the use of euphemism in clumsy PR moves. Here’s the headline:

UK and the Louisville Zoo Collaborate on Gorilla Anatomy Atlas

Fine. “Gorilla Anatomy Atlas” is a great term, and this is a tastefully put headline. What’s hilarious is the opening paragraph:

A famous and beloved Silverback gorilla who died earlier this month at the Louisville Zoo will continue to serve as an ambassador for his species through a collaborative effort between the Zoo and the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. 

Ha ha ha! Yes a hundred times. Timmy the Gorilla will continue to serve as an ambassador for his species. Oh, how will he do that? They will cut him open and draw pictures of what they see. At least they euthanized him first.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against putting dead animals to good use. I don’t have a problem with euthanizing animals whose health is failing. But the lame attempt to comfort the people who thought Timmy was their friend and that gorillas are people too? There’s my problem. It’s like the protests in Germany over stuffing a dead polar bear. Guys, that is a bear!

*(NB: I know this isn’t about books, but it’s hilarious, so lets just call in Linguistics and squeeze it onto the blog.)
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