Jeanne Jugan!

BTW you guys, yesterday was St Jeanne Jugan’s feast day. Here’s what I posted on facebook:

Happy feast of Saint Jeanne Jugan! Canonized by Pope Benedict XVI in 2009, St Jeanne Jugan was the foundress of the order of the Little Sisters of the Poor. My wife visited the Sisters’ Holy Family Residence in Saint Paul, MN a few years ago. She, who has worked in retirement communities, came home exclaiming about the tremendous joy in that home, from both the residents and the sisters.

Of St Jugan, Charles Dickens (her contemporary) said, “There is in [Jeanne Jugan] something so calm, and so holy, that in seeing her I know myself to be in the presence of a superior being. Her words went straight to my heart, so that my eyes, I know not how, filled with tears.”

Read about her enduring love, patience, and faithful witness in this book, “Song of Silence”:

I love the tagline Patrick Coffin says at the end of every episode of Catholic Answers Live radio show: “Be a Saint. What else is there?” So seriously, go buy a book. Jeanne Jugan is great.

Here’s a place you can buy it if you want!

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