I Would Enroll In a Class Just to See Malcolm Gladwell

Have you heard of MTVU’s program “Stand In”? I had not. I think I last saw MTVU in 2004 or so when it was always on in the Student Center on campus, and all I really remember is getting Franz Ferdinand stuck in my head a lot. (You keep reading this blog because of how interesting all my stories are, right?)

Anyway, “Stand In” is a program in which different celebrities drop in to unsuspecting classrooms to guest lecture. A very lucky sociology class at UPENN got to meet and talk with Malcolm Gladwell and Kenna! Very good. I am very happy for that class, you don’t even know. Also jealous. Have you read all of Malcolm Gladwell’s books yet? Me neither, someone buy me What the Dog Saw. While you’re doing that, you can watch his TED Talk. About spaghetti sauce! Seriously, that man can make absolutely any topic fascinating.

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