David Bratman & The Hobbit Trailer

The other week I posted a few impressions on the trailer for The Hobbit. In the course of that post I quoted David Bratman who said, as recorded by the Grey Lady, “I felt as if I were seeing two films at once. One in the visuals, which was faithful and true to Tolkien, and another in the script and in the general tone and style, which was so unfaithful as to be a travesty.” I agreed with Bratman*.

Bratman was good enough to comment on that post with a link to his own thoughts on The Hobbit trailer. In his own reflections he touches on what I fear myself: That Peter Jackson will attempt to recreate the tone of the Lord of the Rings movies in The Hobbit. The book The Hobbit is a romp; it’s a fun, albeit often serious, adventure story appropriate for children of a certain age. The Lord of the Rings is a grander, more epic work rather adjusted for an adult understanding. Anyhow, go read Mr. Bratman’s thoughts.

*I actually found Bratman’s quotation in the New York Times while trying to find his playfully serious essay Summa Jacksonica: A Reply to Defenses of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films, after St. Thomas Aquinas, which I read in Tolkien on Film: Essays on Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings. I couldn’t find my copy of the book because my daughter has inherited my fascination with books, but not my particularity in replacing them where I’ve found them.
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