What I’m Reading–Today, At Least

It’s not unheard of that I, having finished one book and not yet decided on the next, make myself late for work in the morning by staring at my bookshelves, looking for that title that particularly strikes my fancy. (I don’t even have that much time to read at work. Because, well, I’m at work.)

It’s not a matter of my TBR list being to short. It’s that dreadful reality that I’ll never read all the books I want to read, so this next book has to count. I agonize over the decision to place one book over another. (Which doesn’t, I should mention, affect my enjoyment of the book. Once I start it, and it’s good, I’m happy.)

There were about five titles on the short list today, but then I remembered: It’s the feast day of St Thomas Aquinas!

That means a few things. One, it’s a great day to buy books, by which I mean it’s a great day for you to buy me books. Also, it’s as good a time as any to start reading a blog by the Dominican students of the St Joseph Province. Third, it makes my book decision very easy.  I’ll be reading G. K. Chesterton’s masterful biography on that wonderful saint.

Hopefully it’ll be a light day in the ER and I’ll get an hour or two good reading. Chesterton is terrifically quotable, and I hope to mine some nuggets I’ve forgotten since my last reading.

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