TED Talk: Chip Kidd & Book Design

I saw this a week or two ago but forgot to share it:

Chip Kidd is a book designer for the Knopf, and here tells a bit of the creative process, the taken for granted wit of book jacket design.

“All of these solutions derive their origins from the text of the book. But once the book designer has read the text, he needs to be an interpreter and a translator.”

Kidd offers a wonderful (and only occasionally direct) argument against eBooks. I sometimes jokingly refer to my own technological regressions as Luddite, but in actuality my impulses are positive. I don’t want to reject technology like eBooks because they are higher-tech than paper books; I prefer paper books because there is a fuller experience with a paper book. It’s not just the particular words on a page. Books are not simply data to be transmitted to our brains.

Kidd convincingly communicates, from just one aspect of the book business, the Gestalt of a book.

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