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Bill McKibben on Colbert

Bill McKibben was on Colbert Monday. I admittedly have only read one McKibben book, but it was among my favorite assigned reading in college. (The book was Deep Economy, wherein McKibben rethinks utilitarianism in a profoundly humanistic way and addresses … Continue reading

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The Lost Coast, by Barry Eisler

The Lost Coast, Barry Eisler Amazon Digital Services, 2011. 237 KB. I hadn’t heard of Barry Eisler until last week when he showed up in the news. He’d ruffled some print media execs’ feathers by signing an ebook contract with Amazon … Continue reading

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Rescue Ink, by Rescue Ink and Denise Flaim

When I picked up Rescue Ink I was apprehensive. It’s a book about a group of muscular, tattooed guys in Long Island who rescue abused and abandoned animals, and I thought I might be in store for heart-wrenching tales of animal cruelty. But the author made a clear effort to focus on the joys of rescue. Continue reading

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