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The Joy of Books

“The Joy of Books” — NY Review of Books (@nybooks) January 9, 2012

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A Christmastide Roundup

For a variety of reasons, I’m not much for gifts at Christmas*. But I can generally count on receiving one or two and, in spite of myself, I get pretty excited about that. This year proved no different. The latest … Continue reading

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I love this video so much. (via

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Google Borges Doodle Explained

Making sense of the Borges Google doodle: — Penguin Classics (@PenguinClassics) August 25, 2011 YouTube animation of yesterday's Borges Google doodle! — Penguin Classics (@PenguinClassics) August 25, 2011

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QOTD: Bibliophilia and Our Sinking Funds

“He has no secret vices, but he is totally abandoned in the way he buys book after book, never to read a single one. I wouldn’t mind if he used his head and bought in moderation, but no. Whenever the … Continue reading

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Great Showdowns by scott c.

If you haven’t been following scott c.’s Great Showdowns series, shame on you. Sure, his showdowns are from movies, but I culled a few great literary showdowns as an excuse to share his work. More paintings after the jump.

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Literary World Tour – Japan

My friend Brian approached me about putting together, with him, a solid reading regimen. Something less haphazard than the usual strategy we share. We cycled through various ideas, but finally settled on embarking on a literary world tour. We’re starting … Continue reading

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The Magician’s Book, by Laura Miller

The Magician’s Book: A Skeptic’s Adventures in Narnia, by Laura Miller Little, Brown and Company, 2008. 320 pages. Narnia is shrouded in darkness. The harsh King Miraz, uncle to the throne’s heir, Prince Caspian, rules the land, and has made … Continue reading

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Evidence of a Bookish Baby

As a parent I take seriously my responsibility to raise an intelligent, well-rounded daughter. From the beginning I embraced the strategy of reading to her: Well, she seemed to take to books: And her appetite is only growing*: *In that … Continue reading

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Operation Make Me This: Journal with a Ceramic Cover

As a child I often made weak attempts at and imitations of being crafty. No worthwhile projects came of it, and I didn’t pursue anything along that line. But I still find myself wishing I was crafty. Especially when I … Continue reading

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