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Books Books Books books books books booksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooksbooks (&cetera [in a shop!])

I was down at Goodyear getting an oil change today* and, while I waited, walked over to a local bookshop which is (bonus!) a pretty good bookshop! (Hi, Morris!) This makes visit #3 for me to this particular shop, and … Continue reading

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“Britain Faces Closing the Book on Libraries”

Here’s a bittersweet story from NPR the other day–appropriately, it came on as I was pulling out of the library parking lot. Bitter, of course, in the closing of public libraries; the sweetness: the strong attachment of communities to their … Continue reading

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Spotted Reading, and What HuffPo Thinks are “Classics”

I don’t follow many blogs, chiefly because I forget they exist. But I used to read from time to time the now-defunct “Bookish NYC.” My favorite bit was her “Seen on the Subway” wherein she’d match people’s descriptions and their … Continue reading

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Zenit: Church of Rome is Linked to Books, Says Pope

Affirms That Library Is Place to Seek Supreme Truth Benedict XVI is emphasizing the importance of books in the history of the Church of Rome, and that the library is a place for all who seek truth. The Pope affirmed … Continue reading

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