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Ilion Saved!

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Book to Film: Jane Eyre (2011)

(This is what happens when I start a post then lose internet for a week. Old news, etc. On the other hand, old books are never old news.) After my daughter was born and my wife went back to work … Continue reading

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Ulysses Talks with Freud about the Underworld

Since we’re on The Odyssey, here’s a poem from Barbara Hamby’s collection, All Night Lingo Tango: Underarm is more like it. In The Odyssey, Book V, when Athena wheedles Zeus into sending Hermes to coax yummy Calypso into letting me … Continue reading

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Locker Room Talkin’ With the Gods

Reading Homer the other day I thought of this from Kate Beaton: I suppose ancient Greece is as good a place as any to find bawdy humor. Here’s the whole story of Mars and Venus from The Odyssey, Book VIII, … Continue reading

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Reading The Iliad

Say what you will about the Greeks, they knew a thing or two about talking trash: Ulysses knew that his hour was not yet come, but he gave ground and said to Socus, “Wretch, you shall now surely die. You … Continue reading

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